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  • Name: Jason Montgomery
  • Location: Burbank, CA
  • Years Playing Drums: 13
  • Favorite Drummer(s): John Bonham, Mike Cosgrove, Jose Pasillas, Horatio "El Negro" Hernandez, Steve Bache
  • Style: ROCK first and foremost, but I love Jazz, Latin Jazz, funk and even try to play some heavy metal every now and again. You have to keep the chops up right?
  • Current Band(s): Back Pocket Memory (http://www.myspace.com/backpocketmemory)

  • Thoughts on BeatBelt™: 

    Honestly I couldn't imagine myself playing my drum set anymore without the BeatBelt. I had a terrible time with my bass slipping forward, especially during shows, for years and years. With the BeatBelt however the problem is averted. It has been especially useful for playing double bass parts, and gives me a great guideline to always sit the exact same distance from my bass drum pedal, helping the ergonomics of my pedal use. Basically, the BeatBelt is amazing, and I am proud to use it and would recommend it to every drummer of every skill level.

  • E-mail Sent By Jason After Using the BeatBelt™: 

    "Hello Mike. I have had a chance to use the BeatBelt and LOVE it! It has been on my bass drum since the day he gave it to me. I had such a problem before with my bass drum moving around when I played and now, problem solved!"